Hellyeah @ Camden Underworld 17/06/13

So, last Monday I wandered north… North London that is; Camden to be precise to the famous Underworld venue only a hop skip and a jump away from the underground station so perfect for getting back to deepest darkest South East London. I was there to see Hellyeah a Metal band from the USA supporting P.O.D. that evening.   As I entered the venue I could tell something was going to go down it was filled with the returning masses of Download goers and was heavily filled with the male population with only a scatter of females amongst the crowd.

I decided the safest place to stand would be far back as some horns were going to be throw! After getting my pint of Blackthorn (a must at any metal gig) I got in my spot and braced myself. Thank God I had chosen to stand back, as soon as the band emerged onto the stage the mosh pit was wild! The crowd were eating out of their hands and they really could do no wrong. As they interacted with the audience performing heavy and angry song the horns were out at every chance!  Hellyeah really captured their target audience. Although it may not be everyone’s cup of cider Hellyeah really are good at what they do and from the crowd’s reaction you can see they aren’t going anywhere \m/







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