Record Store day!!!

                               So my day started  at  8am queuing at Jumbo Records for the all important holy day for any music lover Record store day to grab those limited addition vinyls that you’ve dribbled over for months just waiting for this day to arrive …… So with my list in hand I started to que and que  after 2 or so hours I could finally see the counter with the list ready I prayed they had at least one of my requests…. noooooooooooooooooooo they didn’t have any of my requests apart from Elbow (phew) but no Kylie no Fleetwood Mac and the one thing I’d queued for Oasis and One Direction had sold-out (which had helped the que go dramatically down) so in a kind of panic I bought Haim on 12” so I didn’t go away empty handed but still mehhhhhhh was it worth it???


Still feeling disappointed in not getting my Oasis 12 ” and needing a coffee I thought I’d chance it and wonder down to Crash Records and after another hour or so of queuing and  banter with fellow record lovers I finally got to the front … yessssssssssssssssssss they had it (thank the lord baby jesus), so after hours of wanting a wee I went home a very happy bunny ! So here’s to Record store day bring on next year!


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