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Has it really been 10 years!!

I really can’t believe it’s Slam Dunks 10th birthday this weekend  … Man I feel old I surpose I could get them at least a card, I mean what do you get a ten year old who has everything and has everyone coming to there party! 
This years lineup seem to be a big scrapbook of oldies but goodies and the new young guns (no pun intended) on the scene. Personally I like abit of both. I mean you couldn’t beat abit of moshing to Four Years Strong (yes I still have the tshirt somewhere) at the Cockpit on a Tuesday night back in the day! Now I’m more let’s listen to Panic At The Disco while I bake a Victoria sponge oh and let’s have abit of Moose Blood while I make the butter cream for the middle.What I’m trying to say is over the last ten years we’ve all changed and grown up out of are My Space days but for one day this year we can remember the good old days and get are mosh back on with the young’ns and show them how it’s done!
So in the words of Every Time I Die ‘let’s go’

Now RunTellDat!

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He truly is the GMF 

What a night with a beautiful setting and bonifide genius !! 



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Really where did she go !!!!

Todays big question… where did Jemina Pearl go ????

It’s one of life’s big questions… Like where’s  the holy grail , What is the Big Bang theory ( the tv show) no really  ?  All very important questions would you not agree?  However the most pressing is where did she go I mean the girl was a mid 00s Indie female icon on par with the  likes of Beth Ditto and Brody Dalle then just vanished like a indie puff of smoke!

We need ansewers and we need them now!!!!

This is why she must be found !!!

Now RunTellDat


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