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Slam Dunk da funk …. The count down begins!!

So people the counts down begins to this years Slam Dunk Festival and I don’t know What the hell to wears never mind what bands to see!!!

First of all what to wear do I going casual ( casual I.e. Band t-shirt and jeans always a mine field) or do I go a abit more glam, I do have a feeling it going to be a fashion parade on the day, I mean look at Leeds Festival the biggest fashion parade of them all apart from The V festival and Glastonbury. I need something that I can go day to night (after show party wise) and that is stylish however it has to be practical ( weather wise and also when your running around leeds city centre you have to think about footwear no heels for me) ripped jeans ? T-shirt? Leather jacket?  Or a dress? These are the dilemmas. If I wear a band t-shirt which one do I wear old school or new school ? Do I go all out and wear my custom Slayer denim jacket or will I get laughed at for wearing it! All big desisions  and that’s before Ive even picked the bands I want to see !! Ahhhhh I need help!! 

Hears what I’m thinking so far  

made by my fair hand


What would go best with this  ?? 

Dress or black Jeans and t-shirt ?

Help a girl out what would you wear ? 
Now RunTellDat


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Live at Leeds 2014 video playlist

here’s a visual selection of some of the bands on at Live at Leeds next Saturday!

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Still trying to decide!

Come on people help two sisters¬†out….. who do we go see at Live @ Leeds



Peace @live at Leeds 2013


We want this again!


Who is this years Peace???


Now go RunTellDat





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Wish I was back in a field!


So this time last week we where in a field in Skipton for Beacons 2013 although the weather was well how do you say it….. shit! The atmosphere was electric with the likes of the Spectrals, Wire and Danny Brown performing across the weekend plus the great ale selection at White locks and the best chicken burger you have ever tasted from Mother Cluckers and the added bonus Arts field there was fun to be had by all old and young alike.

Bring on next year that all I can say!




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8 DAYS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So it’s 8 day’s to the best festival this side of Watford and at RunTellDat where getting ready choosing outfits who w’ere ¬†going to checkout music wise (there’s so much good stuff this is proving quite difficult!) Apart from that where trying to decide what Gin we should take Hendricks or Gordan’s what would you take? … and then what to mix it with. All these’s questions need answering ASAP so we can party in the Dales!

Now RunTellDat


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Beacons is coming woop woop!!!!!

Beacons is coming woop woop!!!!!

Not long now in fact just two weeks ahhhhhhh! So excited and we’ll be covering all the in and outs of the festival it’s self as well as the run up to the best festival this side of Watford!

So keep your eyes and ears open




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