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Has it really been 10 years!!

I really can’t believe it’s Slam Dunks 10th birthday this weekend  … Man I feel old I surpose I could get them at least a card, I mean what do you get a ten year old who has everything and has everyone coming to there party! 
This years lineup seem to be a big scrapbook of oldies but goodies and the new young guns (no pun intended) on the scene. Personally I like abit of both. I mean you couldn’t beat abit of moshing to Four Years Strong (yes I still have the tshirt somewhere) at the Cockpit on a Tuesday night back in the day! Now I’m more let’s listen to Panic At The Disco while I bake a Victoria sponge oh and let’s have abit of Moose Blood while I make the butter cream for the middle.What I’m trying to say is over the last ten years we’ve all changed and grown up out of are My Space days but for one day this year we can remember the good old days and get are mosh back on with the young’ns and show them how it’s done!
So in the words of Every Time I Die ‘let’s go’

Now RunTellDat!

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 It’s like my dream line up …Live @ Leeds launch ( the wardrobe ) 

Well guys it that time of year again when you start planning your music jaunts and this year might be just my year! Live @ Leeds have pulled it out of the bag once again, for me it’s like going back to my London uni days with the mystery jet, blood red shoes, los campesinos and we are scientists all gracing the stage . Give me tips on who else to see this year I need your help!!
Now RunTellDat

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Today’s the day :)


So excited …. I will be tweeting throughout the day/night 
So keep an eye out for all the latest 🙂
Now RunTellDat x
p.s I have my outfit all sorted ( take pic later to show you all) 

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One more sleep !!!

So tomorrow is the big day when the centre of  Leeds is transformed into a alternative music heaven.With the likes of the Gallows, Moose Blood, Taking Back Sunday and You Me At Six all gracing us with there presence ! 

And once again I’m panicking as to what to wear I’m def thinking my Dr Martens but what to team them with a dress or jeans ???  Denim jacket or leather  and do I risk a band t-shirt as this could a potential mine field …Ahhhhhhh help me!!

Shall I go for this look

Or this ? 


Suggestions welcomed !!!
Now RunTellDat 


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Slam Dunk da funk …. The count down begins!!

So people the counts down begins to this years Slam Dunk Festival and I don’t know What the hell to wears never mind what bands to see!!!

First of all what to wear do I going casual ( casual I.e. Band t-shirt and jeans always a mine field) or do I go a abit more glam, I do have a feeling it going to be a fashion parade on the day, I mean look at Leeds Festival the biggest fashion parade of them all apart from The V festival and Glastonbury. I need something that I can go day to night (after show party wise) and that is stylish however it has to be practical ( weather wise and also when your running around leeds city centre you have to think about footwear no heels for me) ripped jeans ? T-shirt? Leather jacket?  Or a dress? These are the dilemmas. If I wear a band t-shirt which one do I wear old school or new school ? Do I go all out and wear my custom Slayer denim jacket or will I get laughed at for wearing it! All big desisions  and that’s before Ive even picked the bands I want to see !! Ahhhhh I need help!! 

Hears what I’m thinking so far  

made by my fair hand


What would go best with this  ?? 

Dress or black Jeans and t-shirt ?

Help a girl out what would you wear ? 
Now RunTellDat


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This maybe the eve of greatness!!

So peeps it’s the big day tomorrow and I for one still are  mulling over the Live At Leeds schedule and deciding what to wear which is proving damn bloody hard I can tell you!! 

Here’s are schedule 

12 pm Nation of Shopkeepers for NGOD 

1 pm Belgrave Music Hall and Canteen for Clay 

1.30 pm O2 Academy for Gaz Coombes

2pm Key club for Brawlers 

Then a break for food …I’m thinking Bunderbust for some good hearty fair to keep me going !!

4pm Belgrave Music Hall and Canteen for Oscar and the Wolf 

4.30 Leeds Beckett//Dr Martens Presents Stage for Bruising

5.15pm O2 Academy for Saint Raymond 

5.30pm Leeds Beckett//Dr Martens Presents Stage for Mence Beach 

Food break… but where to go ! 

7.30pm Leeds Beckett//Dr Martens Presents Stage for Hook Worms 

7.45pm Leeds Uni Union Stylus for Spector ( this is a maybe because of time) 

8.30pm Leeds Town Hall //Leeds Festival Stage for Palma Violets ( this is where it starts to gets tight) 

8.45pm Leeds Beckett//Dr Martens Presents Stage for Eagulls 

9pm Leeds Uni Union Stylus for The Strypes 

10pm Leeds Town Hall for The Cribs

11pm the Faversham for Reverend and Maker 

And it looks like there will be casualties along the way with some tuff choice having to be made but all is fair in love and music at Live At Leeds!! 

Now RunTellDat x 


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