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Oh how I wish !!!!

Oh how I wish I was going to LIve @Leeds this year ,But its not ment to be !!
But please do go check out these on the day https://youtu.be/Et9llKBJdEs https://youtu.be/yzxwujoJLNc https://youtu.be/pqZPusYDCDs



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come Roisin over power us !!!

Roisin Murphy best of 
Let’s hope she brings out the big guns 🙂 …. I want to be over powered lol 

Now RunTellDat xx

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Getting close to the big day!!!!!!!!

Well guys  I think ( with a few tweaks) I’ve got my perfect Live at leeds schedule …. I’ve had to be really picky this year as there’s so much to see its impossible to do it all if only I had a magic cloak to transport me from the Brudenell to the wardrobe but alas I’m not Harry Potter 😦 and I need to eat lol at some point on my epic gig going marathon 
The question is will I be able to go the distance ? will I see everyone I want to see? I just hope I discover something new while venue hopping around Leeds city centre !!!
Fingers crossed everything to plan and the sun shines …. Bring on Saturday !!!
Now Runtelldat xxx

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Really where did she go !!!!

Todays big question… where did Jemina Pearl go ????

It’s one of life’s big questions… Like where’s  the holy grail , What is the Big Bang theory ( the tv show) no really  ?  All very important questions would you not agree?  However the most pressing is where did she go I mean the girl was a mid 00s Indie female icon on par with the  likes of Beth Ditto and Brody Dalle then just vanished like a indie puff of smoke!

We need ansewers and we need them now!!!!


This is why she must be found !!!

Now RunTellDat


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New beggins !!

Hey guys

I’m back 🙂 

after so much time away I missed you guys 😦

so so here I am!!!

For all your music,festival,art and fashion must haves and do’s  and don’t  justkeep checking out here!!!

i want to keep it spicy there’s so much to talk about

I mean where do you start 🙂

and as a special treat here’s

New grimes

she’s still my muse in everyway

Now runtelldat


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Still trying to decide!

Come on people help two sisters out….. who do we go see at Live @ Leeds



Peace @live at Leeds 2013


We want this again!


Who is this years Peace???


Now go RunTellDat





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