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He truly is the GMF 

What a night with a beautiful setting and bonifide genius !! 



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This maybe the eve of greatness!!

So peeps it’s the big day tomorrow and I for one still are  mulling over the Live At Leeds schedule and deciding what to wear which is proving damn bloody hard I can tell you!! 

Here’s are schedule 

12 pm Nation of Shopkeepers for NGOD 

1 pm Belgrave Music Hall and Canteen for Clay 

1.30 pm O2 Academy for Gaz Coombes

2pm Key club for Brawlers 

Then a break for food …I’m thinking Bunderbust for some good hearty fair to keep me going !!

4pm Belgrave Music Hall and Canteen for Oscar and the Wolf 

4.30 Leeds Beckett//Dr Martens Presents Stage for Bruising

5.15pm O2 Academy for Saint Raymond 

5.30pm Leeds Beckett//Dr Martens Presents Stage for Mence Beach 

Food break… but where to go ! 

7.30pm Leeds Beckett//Dr Martens Presents Stage for Hook Worms 

7.45pm Leeds Uni Union Stylus for Spector ( this is a maybe because of time) 

8.30pm Leeds Town Hall //Leeds Festival Stage for Palma Violets ( this is where it starts to gets tight) 

8.45pm Leeds Beckett//Dr Martens Presents Stage for Eagulls 

9pm Leeds Uni Union Stylus for The Strypes 

10pm Leeds Town Hall for The Cribs

11pm the Faversham for Reverend and Maker 

And it looks like there will be casualties along the way with some tuff choice having to be made but all is fair in love and music at Live At Leeds!! 

Now RunTellDat x 


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The Pretty Reckless..Champagne Supernova Radio 1 Live Lounge

Here’s The Pretty Reckless covering Oasis in the radio one live lounge…. I wonder what Noel thinks of it ??

What are your thoughts on it ???

Now RunTellDat


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Throw back Thursday ….. Live at Leeds 2013!




Peace @ live at Leeds 2013




live at Leeds 2013


Peace @ live at Leeds 2013


live at Leeds 2013

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Chilled out vibes for Live at Leeds 2014- Bipolar Sunshine




I’m def checking this dude out at this year’s Live @ leeds for some chilled out summer vibes  I also may after accompany this with a few glasses of Pimms just to make it really is summer!!


P.s. really sorry to all my fans for saying “dude” lolololol…. it won’t happen again!


Now go RunTellDat !






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Its coming to that time of year again….. All hail Live at Leeds 2014

Time to get excited peeps with new acts added and new venues as well as some old favourites…  this years Live at Leeds is bloody going to ROCK !



In the run up to the all important event (a must for any music lover) we’ll be reviewing some of the acts and giving you the all important tips as to who to see on the day !

Let us know your recommendations as well … lets share are love of music in the greatest city  tell us who we should go see … who should we Que for what we should eat and drink etc…

Come on guys lets create a buzz and make it twice as awesome as last year!

Now go RunTellDat!


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